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MCS Scholarships

Missouri Courage Award

The Missouri Courage Award (MCA) is dedicated each year to a Missouri student who has either demonstrated their commitment or shows great potential to work for change in their community that advances the lives of LGBTQ people and other social justice causes.

Trans Courage Award

The Trans Courage Award (TCA) is dedicated each year to a Missouri student who identifies as transgender and meets the MCA scholarship qualifications.

Rural Courage Award

The Rural Courage Award (RCA) is intended for students residing in rural Missouri communities who meet the MCA scholarship qualifications. If applications are received from Dent County, Missouri, those applicants will be given an advantage in the selection criteria (see "Our History" for background).

Who is Eligible for MCS Scholarships?

One scholarship is open to all graduating college-bound seniors from Missouri who have worked to advance the dignity and equality of the LGBTQ community, the lives of people of color, religious minorities, women, immigrants, people with disabilities, or other social justice causes. We believe the advancement and inclusion of any marginalized group is essential to the empowerment of all who have been marginalized.
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